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​December 31, 2018

​​December 31, 2018


​​December 31, 2018

CMA Discounts and CMA Promo Codes (Biggest & Best CMA Course Discounts for ​​December 2018)

Save ​​$400 on Wiley CMAexcel ​

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This discount only applies to Wiley ​CPAexcel ​Platinum Course.

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Save ​20% on Gleim CMA Review

(​Applies to ​Gleim CMA Premium Course.)

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Save 5% on CMA Exam Academy 

This discount applies to all CMA Exam Academy courses.

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Save 15% on CMA Fees with this IMA Discount

When you use these IMA discounts, you can save money on your CMA certification!

Save 15% on IMA membership

Save 15% on the IMA CMA entrance fee

Enter the code at checkout and save 15% on both the IMA membership fee and the CMA entrance fee!

Save ​15% on Surgent CMA Review

This discount applies to the full Surgent CMA Review course.

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Save ​$400 on Wiley CMAexcel Platinum Course

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Save ​20% on Gleim Premium CMA Review Course 

(This discount applies to the Premium Part 1 and 2 course bundle only.)

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Save 5% on CMA Exam Academy Part 1 Course 

This discount applies to Part 1 of the Complete CMA Coaching Course.

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Save 10% on Gleim Traditional CMA Review Course

(This discount applies to the Traditional Part 1 and 2 course bundle only.)

All you have to do to save is click this button. You don't need a code!

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Save 5% on CMA Exam Academy Part 2 Course

This discount applies to Part 2 of the Complete CMA Coaching Course.

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Expires ​TBD

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Additional CMA Discounts

Frequently, the IMA supplies candidates, especially those in the Middle East, with discounts on CMA exam fees. For example, right now, you can use code IPASS15 to save 15% on your IMA membership and CMA application fee!

Discounts on CMA Courses

You'll start reaping the benefits of the CMA shortly after you earn it. In fact, with career advantages such as increased income, incentives, and job opportunities, the CMA will pay for itself pretty soon. But you'll have to pay for it first. To secure the CMA, you must contribute sufficient time, effort, and funds to the process. Specifically, you'll have to foot the bill for CMA exam fees and study materials. 

While the CMA is worth the cost, you don't want that cost to be any bigger than it has to be. And thankfully, CMA discounts keep those fees from becoming unmanageable. With CMA discounts, you can save hundreds of dollars on your review course. If you want to save big and pay less for the CMA, use one of these CMA discounts today. 

The Best CMA Discounts

If you're wondering how to choose between all these great CMA discounts, I've got some suggestions.

First, figure out what your must-haves will be. To be the best course for you, your CMA review must address your learning style and knowledge levels. It also needs good reviews and recommendations, and you can learn how the most popular courses on the market stack up in those areas in my CMA review course comparison. Once you know what you need in a CMA review course, see how well each CMA review course delivers so you can narrow down your options.

If you find that your favorite CMA course requires more funds than you were expecting, search for a CMA discount for that course. A CMA discount can save you hundreds of dollars, so it's worth the effort to locate one!

Is the best CMA discount you can find still too small for your preferred course? In that case, you may need to bend your budget just a little. Trying to keep your CMA costs down is a great idea, but the course you need most likely offers a lot of value for the price point. Therefore, it's worth the extra expense. The course that gives you everything you need to pass the first time is truly the ideal CMA course. If you get that course and pass fast, you can finish the CMA certification process faster and start earning back the money you put toward the CMA sooner than you think. 

CMA Promo Codes

Sometimes, the CMA discount you want will require you to use a CMA promo code.

When you're ready to use a CMA promo code, start by copying the code from this site. To copy the code, all you have to do is click the button that says, "Get the code!" or something like that. Clicking this button will copy the code for you and take you to the CMA review provider's site. At their site, you can add the course you want to your cart. Then, at checkout, you'll see a place to paste the code. After you've pasted the code there, click "Apply". You'll then see the cart refresh to reveal how much you've saved. With the coupon application covered, you can save big on your CMA exam prep and begin preparing to pass! 

Really, the CMA promo code process is pretty simple. Give your new skills a go by using one of these CMA promo codes today!

Other Ways to Save on Your CMA Studies

The easiest and most effective way to save money is to pass the CMA exam on your first attempt. You can also take these 3 extra steps to make the most of your CMA investment. 

1. Explore the Free Trial

A free trial lets you see how the course works and meets your learning needs before you make a monetary commitment. Gleim CMA and Wiley CMAexcel each offer free demos of their courses. Therefore, I suggest you start your review course search with one of these providers. 

2. Make the Most of CMA Test Prep Software

The test prep software included in your CMA review course is not just a bank of practice questions. Instead, it's a host of opportunities to improve your knowledge, as each question tests your familiarity with a certain concept. When you answer a question correctly, you confirm your deep comprehension of that concept. Conversely, when you get a question wrong, you prove that you need to put more time into that topic, and you also get to see where to adjust your thinking. 

3. Put Together Some Personalized Flashcards

Yes, I know that many CMA courses provide digital or printed flashcards. However, there are so many benefits of making your own that I still suggest you do it. 

When I was studying, I jotted the most important points and concepts down onto 3x5 index cards. Alternatively, some of my friends took notes in notebooks. As long as you're letting your brain process the newly gained knowledge, either method is effective.

Do You Have Any Other Ideas? 

Please share your thoughts! I'd love to know how you plan to save money on the CMA exam!

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