Best CPA Review Courses

Determine Which CPA Review Course Is Best For You!

In this thorough assessment of CPA review courses, I’ve compiled the top CPA review courses available. Because I have personally interacted with these courses, I truly believe one of them will be right for you. So, please rely on this comparison this page to scrutinize CPA review courses and select your preferred CPA Exam prep solution. With this information, you can discover the course that addresses your learning style.

Which is the Best CPA Review Course?

CPA Review Courses Becker CPA Surgent CPA Gleim CPA Wiley CPAexcel ​Roger CPA
Pricing for 4 Parts $​2,999 ​$2,899 ​$1,999 $2,800 ​$2,899
CPA Discount Save $1,045 (use code iPassPro) Save $1,250 (use code pass125) Save 20% when using my link Check Available Discounts Check Available Discounts
# of Lecture Hours 150+ 100+ ​100+ ​140 100+
# of MC Questions 7,000+ ​7,​700+ ​10,000+ ​12,000 ​6,000+
# of Simulations 400+ ​3​90+ ​1,300+ ​500+ ​400
Flashcards Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee No Yes Yes Yes No
Access Time Limit Until You Pass ​​Until You Pass ​​Until You Pass ​Until You Pass ​​Until You Pass
Mobile App Yes ​Flashcard App Only No Yes Yes
Pass Rate Twice non-Becker students ​88% ​Not public ​9 out of 10 ​91%
Financing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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